About B Squared

We’re Ryan and Ashley. We’re the owners and Photographers at B Squared Photo, which means we have pretty awesome jobs. Ryan is an avid fly fisherman and a rabid Browns fan. He eases the pain of fish less days and winless seasons with cheeseburgers and slow cooked BBQ. Ashley loves to spend summers in the garden (trying to keep the kids from eating all of the snap peas off the vine) and volunteering at Children’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society. Working together in a career that we have so much passion for is a blessing, and we always have a good time with our amazing clients.

Both of us graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photo-Illustration, learning our craft shooting 4×5 inch transparency film on a view camera. The life of a commercial photographer has changed since those days and the view camera doesn’t see a ton of use, but the attention to detail it required certainly translates to the digital age. The solid educational background, along with over 15 years experience as professional photographers, gives us the skill set to tackle even the most challenging commercial photography assignments. Food, products, room sets, architecture, and commercial video are all a part of our portfolio.

Sure, being a photographer is about creating pretty images. Being a commercial photographer is about creating pretty images that help our clients grow their business. We understand how to transform a photograph into a marketing tool for your business.

Have a product going to market and need images for your website? Want to take advantage of the huge increase in click through rates embedded video can bring to your website? Need to step up the professional look of your sales team with corporate portraiture? We’d love to hear all about your project. Give us a shout out here.

Thanks for visiting B Squared Photo, we hope you enjoyed our images!



Ryan and Ashley Smas